How Much is Too Much for a Root Canal?

Annabelle: What is a reasonable amount to pay for a root canal in NYC because I have to get one and HOLY SHIT

Ester: Oh no!

Annabelle: It is so expensive. Should I go to the suburbs?

Ester: 🙁 🙁 🙁 You don’t have dental?

Annabelle: No. we don’t. [My boss] claims that dental insurance isn’t worth it/isn’t possible for small businesses. And I naively didn’t put nearly this much into my FSA. It’s $2,100!!!!

Ester: Oh wow.

Annabelle: Bonkers right.

Ester: Totally bonkers.

Annabelle: The economy of dental confounds me. Is dental insurance worth it? What is reasonable?

Ester: Totally. I would also love to turn this over to the ‘Folders and see if they have ideas. But yes, if you can stay overnight with your cousins in the suburbs and see an oral surgeon there it would almost certainly be less expensive.

Annabelle: Any advice would be great! Unless it is “go to student dentists at NYU in 3 months.”

Ester: Ha! No, I don’t think anyone will suggest that.

Annabelle: Because something about students and root canals feels wrong.

Ester: I’m with you.

Annabelle: The internet says that NYU is the answer. But really.

Ester: Also, don’t go to a place in midtown with a tooth flag flying outside. Do Not Repeat My Mistake.

Annabelle: Last time I went to a crazy Russian dentist in Kensington on Ocean Parkway who took a week to get x-rays developed. also a mistake. I kind of blame this root canal on him.

Ester: Blame your boss, too.

Annabelle: Yes, right.

Ester: Can you get dental insurance now somehow?

Annabelle: No. And it’s often capped anyway. I’m afraid of waiting too long.

Ester: OK! I will see what people suggest.

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