B is for Bonus

by Deb Weiss and Charrow


Definition: money or rewards given to an employee outside of their salary. Bonuses may be linked to employee performance, company performance, a predetermined percentage of salary or other factors.

While employees sometimes expect bonuses, the bonus itself and/or the amount are usually not guaranteed. Essentially, it’s not money you can reliably count on, like a salary; it’s outside regular agreements.

Real life example: unexpected $100 from Grandma showing up in your mailbox. It’s not your birthday, but last week she got lucky at the craps table.

The Billfold ABCs is a new feature that translates financial language into understandable concepts. Using real life examples alongside definitions and illustrations, The Billfold ABCs explains the words that we associate with money.

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Words understood and interpreted by non-official money thinker Deb Weiss and actual professional illustrator Charrow.

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