The Last Word of the Day: Take Your Vacations

Tomorrow, we’ll be cutting out early for the 4th of July weekend and perhaps you will be too!

And I hope you will be because Bloomberg reports that Americans are not good at taking time off. From Ben Steverman:

The U.S. stands alone among developed countries by not mandating vacation time. Of those who get vacation time, four in 10 Americans stockpile them, failing to take all the days they’re offered. Those stay-at-work Americans leave an average of 8.1 days unused, according to a 2014 Oxford Economics analysis. That’s about 429 million unused days per year.

As Steverman points out, not taking your vacation days only makes sense if you get something out of it, like money for unused days, though workers often don’t use their days because the financial crisis scared them into thinking that being invested in your job can mean job security (though, I actually don’t think that’s the reality!).

So go on now, git! I’ll be off in the woods somewhere with no internet tomorrow afternoon, which means I won’t be able to work even if I wanted to.

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