The Cost of Taking a National Geographic Expedition

Last year, when the chance to take a big trip presented itself, I decided to do something “different.”

Trading One Experience for Another

It started with an unusual noise, which you never want to hear at 65 miles per hour, and ended with a blown-out tire and my entire vacation sitting beside the road.

The Cost of Taking a Family Vacation Via Train

I was happy to pay extra for a sleeping car rather than try to figure out how to get kids to sleep in the coach section of the train.

Why You Should Take “A Relaxing Mid-Career Break”

It’s the old “spread your retirement throughout your life” argument.

The Cost of a Long Weekend in Missoula

It’s time to tally up how much I spent over the past (long) weekend, hanging out with friends at the Travelers’ Rest music festival in Missoula.

A Travel Cost Roundup

How much did I end up spending on my thirteen-day book-and-teaching tour (plus vacation)?

How I’ve Been Doing Food and Clothing on This Trip

Since we’re transitioning from our Food Series to our Clothing Series, I thought I’d share how I’ve been handling both food and clothes on my current Book & Teaching Tour (Plus Vacation!).

American Airlines Accidentally Gave Too Many Pilots Vacation Time

Now they’re at risk of canceling more than 15,000 December flights.

How Our First Paid Vacation for Two Turned Into a Vacation for Three

The Farewell Tourists