Weird Jobs Around The World

Quora users around the world answered the question, “What is a job that exists only in your country?” Some answers are of course more amazing than other answers.

For instance, Melisa Sudirman from Jarkarta has a pretty good one:

Joki is a person that you can find on streets looking for a car that wants to hire him/her as an additional passenger so that they pass the required 3 person in one car regulation along three-in-one streets. This regulation is only applied in selected streets in specified hours, particularly in business hour time and crowded streets.

Abhilash Pattnaik, in India, also great:

According to a custom, in certain areas of Rajasthan, women are hired as professional mourners after the death of a male relative. These women are referred to as a ‘rudaali’ (roo-dah-lee), literally translated as a female weeper.

They in turn publicly express the grief of family members who are not permitted to display emotion due to social status. The ‘rudaalis’ make a scene crying out loud. The impact of their mourning also compels other people at the funeral to cry.

But Nguyễn Lê, whose profile tells me he is Vietnamese Wikipedia’s sysop, is clearly the real winner here:

In some remote places of Vietnam, when teachers and students need to cross the flowing rivers to go to school, they will get into a plastic bag. Then, some strong man will carry the bag and swim across the river.

God bless you, Quora. And God bless you, Mills, for tweeting about this.

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