The Cost of a Haircut in Various Cities, According to Square

Square, the mobile payments company cofounded by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, put together a map of average haircut prices for men and women in various cities across the U.S.:

According to their calculations — based on data from shops that use their technology — San Francisco handily beats New York for most expensive average price for a haircut: $60 to $55. New York came out just ahead for women’s cuts, however: $73 to $71. It’s the significantly higher average price of men’s haircuts in San Francisco ($49 to New York’s $37) that translates to a higher average price there.

Square gathered this data, based on tens of thousands of transactions, over the past six months. It includes all instances where purchases were classified as haircuts, as revealed by keyword searches in Square’s own system.

The data is skewed towards the kinds of shops that accepts Square as a form of payment, but the most interesting part to me is that while average women’s haircuts vary as much as $41 to $73, the costs of men’s cuts are typically consistent in the $30 to $40 range. Am I paying too much at $50 a haircut? Perhaps. But then again, when you find a person who gets you and your hair, you stick with that person. (Though I’ve always been envious of those who tell me about the $15 haircuts they get in some basement downtown.)

Photo: Waltersrp

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