H&M’s $99 Wedding Dress

H&M debuted a wedding dress with a shockingly reasonable price last week, and you know what? That kind of white looks awful on me [St. Patrick’s Day shout out] but it is still pretty cute. I APPROVE.

Caitlin Dewey at the Washington Post talks about how, in a world where the average wedding cost is $28,000, H&M is “turning the psychology of weddings on its head”:

It promotes — on a massive, mainstream scale — values that run opposite absolutely everything the wedding industry stands for. H&M is essentially telling brides that what they wear on their wedding day has no bearing on how much they love their spouse-to-be. By extension, H&M is kind of undermining a core cultural and psychological tenet of consumerism: that our worth is determined, in large part, by the things we buy.

Wait, our worth isn’t determined, in large part, by the things we buy?!!! Then why did I have a breakdown in aisle 19 of Ikea this weekend because I didn’t like the baby furniture selection and I am already disappointing my child?

This is all very confusing, but remember, even if you don’t want to buy a Grecian-inspired floor-length gown from a Swedish retailer, you can always just wear jeans.