The Best Restaurants According to All of Us (on Yelp)

Earlier this week Yelp came out with its list of the 100 most highly rated places to eat in the U.S., and a small seafood joint in Hawaii named Da Poke Shack topped the list. When restaurant reviewers talk about our country’s best restaurants, they usually come with white tablecloths and big bills like Chicago’s Alinea, and the Napa Valley’s French Laundry. As Will Oremus writes in Slate, the Yelp list works as an equalizer of all the dining establishments we have:

Every restaurant-rating system worth its salt is highly subjective. And I’d argue that, in comparison to its buttoned-down brethren, Yelp’s list makes for a far better reflection of the glorious smorgasbord of cuisines and dining styles that you can find in America today. We live in a golden age of food, from $200 prix fixe feasts to divine $1.75 adobada tacos, and this list proves it.

Recognize any of the places on the list?

Photo: GroovyandDreamy

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