Look At Your Old Self and Save for Retirement

Studies have shown that simulations showing what you may look like in the future helps you think more actively about saving for retirement.

Bank of America’s Merrill Edge put together such a simulator to get you to think about your financial self (and maybe sell you an account to put money in), but a few of the editors and I played around with it last night and it’s kind of fun to see yourself a little wrinkly.

First they throw some data at you.

Hey that’s me in the background!

And then they show you a wrinkly version of yourself.

I had to put this image after the jump. Me at 67, and then at 99:

I mean, I kinda look bad, but also not that bad? They don’t do anything to your hair, and I’m pretty sure it’ll super gray by then (though no one in my family is bald, so at least I have that going for me?). BRB going to put money in my retirement account.

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