Help When It’s Cold Out

How cold are you right now? The polar vortex blew from west to east sending temperatures plunging by 50 degrees in the city within a few hours. It’s 4 degrees here, and in the negatives elsewhere. Most of us will be able to huddle indoors and throw a kettle on the stove, but if you come upon someone in need of shelter or warmth — a homeless person, or a Little Match Girl, maybe — there are numbers you can call to reach people who can assist, according to this servicey post by Forbes’s Dan Diamond:

I ended up calling D.C.’s Hypothermia Hotline, which offers round-the-clock roving patrols and guaranteed shelter when the temperature gets this cold. If a person refuses shelter, the patrol will offer comfort items — warm drinks, blankets, and other clothes — and check on the person across the night. Other cities have similar services too.

Everyone stay warm and comfortable today!

Photo: Jo Naylor

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