From The Comments: A+ Appliance Wisdom

When we talked about the much-maligned and much-adored $429 blender last week (“I love it like a child” — snoopygirrl), arugula aficionado, bread-baking expert, reasonable wedding dress buyer and apparent all-around life-expert Beaks dropped some appliance wisdom in the comments that bowled me over — no pun intended. I have genuinely been thinking about this comment for almost a week now and want to make sure I am not alone:

I feel like Vitamixes are like KitchenAids- if you’re regularly using another tool and thinking to yourself “Gee, if only I had a Vitamix/KitchenAid/Cuisinart,” it’s probably worth getting one. On the other hand, if you think to yourself, “If I had a Vitamix/KitchenAid/Cuisinart I would totally make more smoothies/bake more/cook more,” you’re lying to yourself and it’s probably a waste of money to buy the fancy appliance.

BOOM. I will not expound on the degree that this wisdom applies to my own life, in case the generous woman who gave us a KitchenAid for Christmas last year happens to be reading. Though in my defense I am currently swearing/lying to myself that any day now I am going to start using it to knead my hypothetical bread (not a euphemism, though that would be pretty great)!

Photo: skolbwilliams

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