‘We Are Not Expendable’

This is a very nice story about a woman in Detroit, who, with her neighbors and some other nice people, fought her eviction from her home. She won! It is a fairy tale. I mean it happened, but people also run into a stranger on the street sometimes and live happily ever after. It could also be read as a training manual actually. Scratch the fairy tale. This is a guide. Gosh when did I get so pessimistic, ha. (“’I watched the men go in and out, and I just thought: Well, if I can’t go in, then they can’t come out,’ she said. With that thought in her mind, sixty-five-year-old Bertha Garrett, decked out in her elegant winter coat and cream-colored fur hat, lay down in front of the door to the office of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation in the Financial District of Detroit, and she refused to move.”)

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