Raising Money to Keep Selling Books

“I thought, given the financial strains we’re under at the moment, perhaps this is the way to prevent us from getting into a really desperate situation,” Mr. Glassman said.

He said it was the first time in 30 years that he was willing to admit that the store needed help.

“You never tell people your problems,” he said. “The worst you say is, ‘Business is a little tight.’ ”

To stay in business, some independent bookstores are using sites like Indiegogo to raise money from regulars and neighborhood locals — as much as $60,000 in some campaigns. It’s really great to see that kind of local support for small business owners, though probably not sustainable. The Times story mentions Book Court in Brooklyn as one of the indie bookstores that has managed to thrive and expand, though it doesn’t say how it has done so. It should! Those kinds of stories are always worth sharing.

Photo: Nicola

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