Discussing the High Costs of College

The cost of not investing in public education is devastating. There are currently 450,000 students on the waiting list to get into California community colleges. The problem here isn’t high cost; community colleges are a great bargain. The problem is that there’s not enough funding of public education to serve the public demand in the state of California and in other states as well. Period.

The problem is not that “higher education” is a high-cost Lamborghini. The problem is that there aren’t enough reliable, dependable, affordable Atos’ to meet the needs of our society. Blaming the “high cost of education” misses this inescapable fact: We aren’t overcharging most of America’s college-age youth. We are short-changing them.

At HASTAC, Cathy Davidson, a professor at Duke University, has a great post about What We Talk About When We Talk About Why College Costs So Much.

Photo: nogg3r5

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