Hair Still Expensive

$0. I went to this hair school to get my hair dyed for free because that is a thing they do. I was excited! But then they said I couldn’t because my hair was too grey to work for this particular free coloring of hair opportunity. This made me feel bad about myself.

$40. To make myself feel better, I got my eyebrows waxed, but the lady kept pointing out how much face hair I had so I waxed all that off too and also just generally felt like a large hairy mammal and then my face was red and I still felt bad about myself.

$65. To make myself feel better from that, I found a lady to cut my hair. She was perfect and wonderful and did a great job.

$10. But she couldn’t do it immediately so I had to go next door first and drink a bloody mary.

$15. After she cut my hair, I tipped her $15.

$0. But also she used this oil in my hair and it smelled so good and I wanted to buy it but it was $32. I had this moment of Money Intelligence when I was like, you know what, Logan, you probably have a similar product at home in your basket of Impulsively Bought Beauty Products, why don’t you hold off on this Dream Product and see about that. So I did. I said, “I’ll wait for my next check, haha,” shrugged, and left.

$30. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about that particular hair oil and I thought that maybe it might be at TJ Maxx in the beauty section, because sometimes they have nice stuff in the beauty section? So I went there and while I was there I got these cute pants for $15 and also a bathing suit that I didn’t try on but it looked about right and it was also only $15. No hair oil.

$32. Still thinking about hair oil. Will go back to salon to buy hair oil, already have money set aside for it and everything.