Estate Sale Hunting

I’m currently a little fascinated with Dig This Treasure!, which is a blog by someone who visits a lot of estate sales, details what she buys and how much money she makes by putting some of the objects up on eBay. The Arranbee “Dream Baby” doll was bought at an estate sale for $50, sold for $250 on eBay, and then was returned to her by the buyer because the eyes fell out during the delivery.

Luckily, I had paid for insurance with USPS, so I filed a claim and got reimbursed the full $250. That way, I could refund the buyer, and still have made my sale profit.

I wasn’t sure what to do with little dummy when he came back all eye-less. But then I found a doll hospital in Berkley, MI. The doll ended up staying there FOR FOUR MONTHS.

The doll went back on eBay and sold for $78.

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