My Last Hundred Bucks: “Grown up” Purchases

by Chanel Dubofsky

$100! It is a lot of money, and yet, it is also not a lot of money at all. What happened to your last hundo, Chanel Dubofsky?

Mistake Coffee, $3.36: Generally, I’m obsessed with bodega and cart coffee, but I lost my mind one morning and flew into the Pret that’s across the street from my consulting gig and bought a latte. I try not to regret things, but this latte was NOT delicious and I fully regret it.

New sheets and fleece blankets, $48.50: Some people are fastidious about their bedding, but I actually tend to forget things like sheets and covers that are warm enough for winter until I’m wearing twelve layers of clothing and shivering in my bed in January. I consider this purchase to be a non violent, preemptive strike.

Boots, $29.00: My approach to footwear is similar to my approach to bedding. I have one pair of Converse All Stars that I wear constantly, to the point where I may or may not have duct taped the bottom so I wouldn’t have to buy a new pair. So I bought these boots, which seemed innocuous enough to me online, but in real life…I fear them. They seem like they might be a little too cool. I have yet to actually wear them outside the house.

Carbon monoxide detector, $26.15: I don’t know how my house, with all eight of its residents (two being feline), has gone so long without a carbon monoxide detector? I bought one on the internet and then emailed my housemates: “So we may live and not die.”

Chanel Dubofsky lives in Brooklyn and is interested in your personal decisions.

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