WWYD: Too Much Change

In this installment of WWYD, a waiter makes an error:

My wife and I were at a bar last weekend, and we paid for our $43 tab with a $100 bill that I had gotten for Christmas. The waiter returned with $67 change. The questions then were: Do we moonwalk out of there with an extra $10 and let him make up the difference out of his tips at the end of the night? Do we just leave the extra $10 with the tip? Do we wait until he comes back past to let him know that the extra ten should go back in the till? I decided to flag him down and let him know that he made the error so that he didn’t just think he was getting a huge tip. I figured that I needed the good karma more than the extra ten dollars. — J.

Yes, you did the right thing. There’s no question that you did the right thing. I don’t think anyone reading this will argue otherwise. Anyone who would moonwalk out of there knowing that the waiter will have to make up for that error out of his tips when the drawer is counted and found short at the end of the night is, well, not a good person.