Sick Secrets: Various Liquids and 1 Boiled Potato

“My sick secret is a piping hot bowl of hot and sour soup. It’s delicious and the spice/vinegar clears that sinus in no time. I discovered this secret while living in the dorms in college, being exposed to 1000 colds a minute. My other sick secret is Advil Cold and Sinus.” — Christina

“When I was studying abroad in Spain and got sick, my host mother mixed up this bottle full of liquid and made me drink nothing but that for three days. I think what she told me was in it was salt and lemon juice and some water. It was disgusting. But it totally worked.” — Sophie

“I always feel extra terrible when I get a hangover. So if you get one of those puking all day, acidic stomach, literally cannot keep anything down hangovers, here’s what you do: eat a boiled, mashed potato. Basically, make mashed potatoes but don’t add any of the delicious parts. Just a plain old dry boiled potato. It doesn’t taste like much, but even eating like half of it will suck up the acid in your stomach and make you not feel quite so much like death. (Side note: I tried this when I had the dreaded norovirus over Christmas, and it did not work. Seems like a hangover-specific cure.)” — Amelia

And a bonus sick secret from Angela Serratore!!!
“Use the time to do unlimited hair and face masks. I have been legally dead since Sunday night (on Monday I typed one sentence and then was so worn out from that I had to sleep for five hours) but honestly I have never looked better.”

THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. THIS IS NOT EVEN FINANCIAL ADVICE. NO ONE HERE IS A DOCTOR. But: Do you have a secret about how to prevent getting sick or get better quickly if you are sick or any other kind of healthcare hack? SEND ME YOUR SICK SECRETS.