Scamming Scammers and the Scammers Who Are Scammers

I already don’t like the car rental guy because he referred to us as “ladies” and made a show out of holding the door for us. There is an okay way to say ladies and there is an annoying way to say it, and he said it the annoying way, more “ladies night,” less, “ladies and gentlemen.” It grossed me out.

My mom signed a bunch of paperwork inside and now she has to sign some more paperwork out here — no we don’t want the insurance, no we don’t want the other insurance. He tells us not to get any huge dents in the car or he’ll have to charge it to our AmEx … he says it with a smirk, and I’m positive he thinks he’s making a joke about women drivers. He’s walking away when my mom asks about the gas situation.

“Well,” he says, getting ready to teach us ladies a thing or two about rental cars, aren’t we so dumb, “the tank is 1/8 full so you need to return it with 1/8 full or else we will charge you to fill it back up to that point.”

“Right but what if we bring it back with more gas in it. Is there a credit?”

“No, then you’re giving us that gas.”

What a great policy. Superb policy. So we have to really pay attention to our gas use and drive around the mountains with less than a half-tank at all times to ensure that we don’t give this Multinational Car Rental Conglomerate the gift of some petrol or. .. we have to give this Multinational Car Rental the gift of some petrol. Brilliant.

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