Breast Cancer Is a Terrible Disease and Buying Pink Doesn’t Change That, Help Anyone

Xeni Jardin — who has been honest and open about her experience after her diagnosis of breast cancer — is cracking down on “pinksploitation” during “pinktober.” She and other women and men affected by the disease argue that the commercialization of the disease through pink branding cutifies a disease that Kills People.

SE Smith has a superb article in the Guardian:”The breast cancer awareness industry has become a multibillion dollar juggernaut spanning multiple continents, flooding them with a sea of pink ribbons and tie-in products intended to entice socially aware consumers.”

There is, of course, the argument that the pink BRINGS AWARENESS and the special products have some proceeds that go to research OR WHATEVER. But: Come on. How much money did those companies to REBRAND AND REPACKAGE THEIR PRODUCT for one month? It’s gross.

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