I Want to Give a Really Special Gift But What Does That Mean IDK

What to buy? What to make? How much to spend? I just went to the most amazing wonderful incredible wedding and I want to show my love and appreciation with the most amazing wonderful thoughtful gift. But I don’t know what to do. I am not a registry person. I don’t want to go off their registry. Actually I don’t even think they have a registry because they’re that great (hippies). HELP ME. This is as far as I got:

LOGAN: i think i want to paint my friends a painting for their wedding gift
LOGAN: but
LOGAN: i don’t paint
LOGAN: is one thing
LOGAN: so i guess what i want to do is learn to paint
LOGAN: and then paint them a thing
LAUREN: oh you don’t have to know how to paint to paint really
LAUREN: just make something
LAUREN: what do you want to paint
LAUREN: do you know
LOGAN: i want to paint a picture of them getting married
LAUREN: HHA do it thats cute
LAUREN: do it
LAUREN: itll be so cute
LAUREN: and weird
LAUREN: like do them as dogs
LAUREN: getting married
LAUREN: a fun project = pick a breed that looks most like the bride and a breed that looks most like the groom
LAUREN: and then paint a pic of the dogs marrying
LOGAN: i’ve been searching for what i mean
LOGAN: but i can’t find it
LOGAN: the little drawings in the beginning and end of emma with gwyneth
LAUREN: we’re all searchng for something logan
LOGAN: do you know
LOGAN: have you seen the movie
LOGAN: do you know what im talking about
LOGAN: the little paintings in emma
LOGAN: i’ve been looking for hours
LOGAN: hours

POST SCRIPT: I never found those little paintings 🙁

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