Talking to Our Kids About Money

The National Financial Educators Council is using “strong imagery” in their new PSA “to motivate parents to take positive action, action that will prove critical to their children’s futures.”

Mike: Did your folks ever have a “talk” with you while you were growing up? Like, “We’re going to sit down and talk about money.”

Logan: No.

Mike: Mine didn’t either! But it had to have come up in other ways.

Logan: But I never had a talk about sex either. We weren’t that kind of family. Things just kind of came up naturally.

Mike: Oh, I certainly didn’t have that. Tiger moms just want you to focus on getting good grades and then getting a good job. So, I guess in that sense, that was my “money talk.” “Kid, you have to earn a lot of money, or else I will be disappointed in you for the rest of your life.”

Logan: Haha. When did you know you were expected to provide for your family? I mean, was that intrinsic forever?

Mike: Yeah, it’s a cultural thing, I think. Because my parents also helped my grandparents. That’s just what you do.

Logan: And you were aware of that? Always?

Mike: Pretty much. But we didn’t have any discussions about credit cards, or saving for retirement. I had to pick up those things on my own. But, I watched my parents save so they could provide a better life for their family. That’s probably something I learned from osmosis. They are far from financially stable, but considering that they started with nothing, it’s certainly an accomplishment.

But I will probably talk to my kids about money. Not like, “It’s time we sat down and talked about money!” But on Sunday mornings, casually at the breakfast table while we’re eating waffles.”

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