The Cost of a Roman Holiday

Mostly I travel two ways: by armchair and by stomach.

The Cost of Attending a 100th Birthday Party

Born at home in rural Manitoba, Grandma grew up on a farm, digging Seneca root to earn the money to buy her First Communion dress.

A Year in Airfare

“I hope you’re planning on visiting your mother before you go disappear to Europe for however many months.”

I’ll Always Have Paris

When I was a young girl imagining adulthood, I never imagined being 60.

Small Good Things

I want to go to Manila next year.

Running Away for the Holidays

I ran away for Thanksgiving. Far away.

Holiday Costs When Your Partner Lives in the Arctic

This is the most expensive holiday of my life.

The Cost of Going Home for Christmas

I wanted to surprise my parents, who didn’t know I was coming.

American Airlines Accidentally Gave Too Many Pilots Vacation Time

Now they’re at risk of canceling more than 15,000 December flights.

The Cost of Spending Thanksgiving in Mexico

We were excited to trade long airport lines and expensive cross-country flights for leisurely beach strolls and cheap tropical drinks.