An Update on the Prison Strike

The nationwide prison strike officially ended yesterday.

How Prison Inmates Organized a Nationwide Labor Strike

This morning, I learned that prison inmates across the United States were going on strike.

Poverty, From a Paramedic’s Perspective

Here’s another essay that’ll stick with you: Elizabeth Rosen’s “A Real Emergency,” at Hazlitt.

Company That Commissioned Fearless Girl Statue Also Paid White Men More Than Other Employees

An audit found that State Street Corp. was giving out unequal pay for equal work.

School Tells Parents That Their Kids Can Cut the Lunch Line for $100

A school in Polk County, Florida recently sent orientation packets to parents that included a “special offer:” make a $100 donation to the Parent-Teacher-Student-Alliance and your kid will get to cut the lunch line!

Guess Who Has All the Money? (You Already Know the Answer.)

The rich have been getting richer and the poor have been getting poorer, and now we have a hockey-stick-shaped chart to prove it.

You Can’t Just Compare Rural America to the “Inner City”

People in the United States Are Earning More Money, But We’re Not Happier

The Median Income Might Not Be Enough

Are Rich People More Likely to Return a Misdelivered Birthday Card Containing a $20 Bill?