Single People Need to Make Sure Loved Ones Can Access Their Finances, Too

In case of emergency.

On a Budget? Try the Ultimate Toddler’s Day In

I developed a low-cost toddler’s day in for those times when you’re cash-strapped and the rain is pounding at your window.

The Cost of Attending a 100th Birthday Party

Born at home in rural Manitoba, Grandma grew up on a farm, digging Seneca root to earn the money to buy her First Communion dress.

Making Plans for My Money (and My Body) After I Die

The following is to be read upon my death — and also, I hope, well before.

Money I’ve Spent Since Joining Facebook in August 2017

The last time I was on social media I had a Friendster account. I can’t even tell you what year it was; all I know is that it was eleventy years ago.

I’ve Had 12 Homes In the Past 15 Years

It was time to put down some roots.

The Digital Wish List

Holiday shopping has become about giving people exactly what they ask for.

The Cost of Holiday PTSD

To handle the schedule, the dreams, the recurring yet inconsistent terror, I arrange my life as predictably as I can.

How I Save Money on Kids’ Christmas Gifts Without Feeling Like the Grinch

I have three younger siblings, twelve cousins, and several assorted small children in my life whom I love, and we usually celebrate a big Christmas together

The Cost of Being Santa Claus

I asked my parents how much it cost to make my childhood Christmases magical.