My 2018 Credit Card Spending

In my mind, I spent $5,000 for the year. Was I right? Absolutely not.

On Transaction Fees and Credit Card Rewards

Today’s must-read longread is about the delicate balance between credit card companies, merchants, and consumers.

What Am I Going to Do About My Credit Cards?

I’m going to be spending a lot of money in the next two months. Which credit card should I use to get the best rewards?

Uber Has a Credit Card Now

Uber just released the Uber Visa Card.

Are Debit Cards Security Blankets?

Judge John Hodgman seems to think so.

How Much Can You Really Save With Credit Card Rewards?

I’ve already earned enough miles for a free flight!

American Express Launches “Pay It Plan It,” an Interest-Free Installment Plan for Cardholders

It’s interest-free, but there’s a fee.

Talking to My Mom About Dealing With Credit Card Fraud

My parents got their credit card number stolen twice in one month.

Why I Quit Using “Plastic Money”

And how I’ve become much more cognizant about how I spend it.

I Am Debt Free

For the first time in four years.