Three Articles Worth Sharing for the Headlines Alone

From the Washington Post: Can Pot Save the Pumpkin Farm?

Here in Half Moon Bay, 130 miles west, John Muller’s plans are straining the entire city, pitting neighbor against neighbor, past against future. The choice is about more than farming and economics, reaching into the community’s sense of values. Voters must decide whether to welcome commercial cannabis inside their community and help the farm or stand firm against marijuana and possibly smash the Mullers’ pumpkin business.

From the LA Times: Antarctica Scientist Allegedly Stabs Colleague for Spoiling the Endings of Books:

Some reports suggest that alcohol was involved.

And from Vox: Crocs is now targeting teens. Somehow, it’s working.

Brand employees told me they even have a special name for him (he’s a dude): the “explorer,” the hypebeast-adjacent Gen Zer who stores his Crocs next to his Yeezys. In an even more blatant teen-targeting move, on November 1, the brand announced a collab with rapper Post Malone.

That Crocs story sounds awfully familiar.

Photo by Tyler Rutherford on Unsplash.

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