A Successes and Failures Open Thread

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash.

It’s time to do our monthly successes/failures roundup, so here’s mine:

Last month, I set myself the goal of completing two online courses and a book proposal. That DID NOT HAPPEN.

I completed one online course, which took the entire month (because designing an online course is actually like designing a multimedia textbook, and I didn’t realize how much time that would take). I decided not to complete the second online course — it was for this organization that wasn’t going to pay me, and when I thought it would take a day or two to build a course I was considering doing it so I could have another online course to add to my portfolio, and then I STOPPED CONSIDERING THAT.

The book proposal was for the writing and money book, which may end up becoming a Billfold LLC property anyway, so it’s probably fine that I didn’t do it. (I mean, I didn’t make the time to do it, so it has to be fine, right?)

In terms of successes, I pitched/planned/scheduled two in-person writing courses (paid gigs!) that I should be able to announce later this month. You can also register for my online course, How to Get Started as a Freelancer, if you want.

What about you?

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