What’s Your Financial Goal for This Month?

Remember how we decided to switch our financial goal-setting from weekly to monthly? Well, it’s the beginning of July OMG HOW DID THAT HAPPEN SO QUICKLY and that means it’s time to set some financial goals.

Today, I stuck a Post-It above my desk. It reads:

Can you get two courses AND a book proposal drafted this month?

The answer is probably no. It’s probably going to be two courses this month and the book proposal in August. (Remember, this work has to fit into the spaces not currently filled by Billfolding or freelancing.) But the point is that I have a handful of career and financial opportunities to go after right now, and I need to make sure I get them done within the Venn diagram of “quickly” and “well.”

(In case you’re curious: the two courses have been requested by two different organizations, so they’re guaranteed if I can get ’em done. They’ll be online courses, which should be good for any of you who want to take them. The book proposal is about freelancing — how to get started, how to build your career, how to do money, etc. — and it is not guaranteed.)

Now you know my goals. What about yours?

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