Do 1 Thing and Ship It

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to Do 1 Thing.

Today, my 1 Thing is to order a couple boxes of The Biographies of Ordinary People (both volumes) to ship ’em to bookstores.

Some bookstores order their own books, but when you’re an indie publisher reaching out to bookstores, you’ll probably be working on what’s called “consignment,” in which you front the cost of the books (including the cost of shipping) and get a percentage of every sale.

I have no problem with that, btw. I just got a check for $119.90 on some consignment sales, so it works out — and if the books don’t sell, you can get the copies back from the bookseller and consign them to a different bookstore (or send them to awards judges, give them to reviewers, etc.).

So that’s my D1T. What about you?

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