A Holiday Party Open Thread

It’s Holiday Party Week, so I’m curious how all of your holiday parties are going. Are you doing the thing where you visit three friends’ houses in one night? Did one of your friends suggest having a party at a local bar instead because everyone lives in tiny apartments? Did your workplace hold its holiday party during office hours, or after work?

I am not involved with any holiday parties this year, since I just moved, but I’ve been part of all kinds of holiday parties in the past: the kind where you bring cookies to a friend’s apartment, the kind where you bring some really fancy dish to a friend’s house, the kind where your workplace holds a White Elephant gift exchange (which turned out really well; I got a photo frame that I still use), and the kind where the administrative team plans and executes the party for the rest of the staff.

If you’d like to discuss holiday parties and the costs thereof, here’s your open thread!

This piece is part of The Billfold’s Holidays and Money series.

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