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When you order takeout for yourself you can order just fresh spring rolls and banana fritters.

Okay. So you know how I like to post those empty refrigerator pics to prove that I can meal plan the exact amount of food I’ll need to eat before I leave on a trip?

I ended up ordering takeout before I flew to Missoula for four days.

It wasn’t that I ran out of meals, it’s that I didn’t package them correctly. I freeze my soups in multi-serving containers, and the math worked out so that I would have had to either:

  1. Unfreeze a brick of soup for just one meal and then compost the rest (because it would be nearly five days before I would be able to eat it)
  2. Order takeout

The takeout cost $30.13 and it was AMAZING, y’all.

I should do this more often.

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