This Week in Pods

SleepBus is now Cabin, and it is ready to take you on an overnight journey.

Photo credit: William Buckley Jr., CC BY 2.0.

Hey, remember these pods?

SleepBus Takes Pod Living to the Road

Tired of taking the 90-minute flight between San Francisco and Los Angeles? Do you hate LAX so much that you’d rather take a seven-hour drive in a pod stacked inside a Volvo trailer?

Because now you have that option.

The company is called SleepBus, and it promises to get you from San Francisco to Los Angeles overnight for only $48.

The company is now called Cabin, the pods are now called cabins, and a one-way trip now costs $118. Also, they’re now describing themselves as a “moving hotel.” From the FAQ:

Cabin’s one-of-a-kind moving hotel consolidates both transportation and accommodation into one simple and delightful experience, enabling you to travel without travel time.

Wait, they’ve ELIMINATED TIME? I know that sleeping through part of a journey can make it pass more quickly, but it still takes eight hours to drive between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Here’s another excerpt from the FAQ:

Bring (or arrive in) cozy clothes. In order to get a good night’s sleep, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothes. Luxury bedding will be provided. Get ready to “lust for life.” We are here to help you explore the world one city at a time.

I’m not sure if “lust for life” is code for anything—the website specifies that all cabins are single occupancy only—but it seems like Cabin wants to turn “sleeping in a car” into an experience.

Because we’ve been told, over and over again, that we should be putting our money towards experiences.

Cabin service begins Friday. Anyone want to take a ride?

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