Friday Estimate

Photo credit: Olichel, CC0 Public Domain.

Happy Friday! It’s time to estimate how much money we’re going to spend this weekend.

I’m going to spend so much money. Here we go:

Quarterly estimated federal taxes: $2,100

Quarterly Washington state business taxes: $20-ish (I drop my income into an online form, and they tell me exactly how much I owe—and yes, I wish all taxes could be this simple)

Internet bill: $85.46

Phone bill: $96.93

Electric bill: $18.85

Personal credit card payment: $705.38

Business credit card payment: $25.00 (I’ll explain this later today)

Groceries: $50-ish (this should take care of all proteins/starches/toiletries I need for the rest of the month, so I’ll theoretically just have to make one more trip on the week of the 19th to grab a few fresh fruits and vegetables)

Laundry: $5.75

Total estimated spending: $3,107.37.

How about you?

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