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Photo credit: Cristiano Medieros Dalbem, CC BY 2.0.

When’s the last time we did some pod news? Get ready, because this week’s news is a gamechanger:

Cannabis coffee pods are about to become compatible with millions of household Keurig machines

Early risers seeking a little extra from their morning buzz will soon be able to turn to their Keurig brewers. A San Diego, California, company called Brewbudz says it is preparing to introduce cannabis coffee pods to the market, and promises they’ll be compatible with the ubiquitous single-serve coffee machines.

The pods will contain a mixture of caffeinated coffee and cannabis flower. They’ll cost $7 each and are expected to be available by March. Brewbudz says it also is creating a line of decaffeinated coffee, teas, and hot cocoa pods.

Is $7 a little high (PUN VERY INTENDED) for a daily cup of cannabis coffee? The Brewbudz website indicates that it will be selling pods “in 10, 25, and 50 mg [of marijuana] sizes”—and assumedly pricing them accordingly, although that isn’t yet clear—so we can actually figure this out:

  • Priceonomics reports that marijuana goes for $316 an ounce in San Diego dispensaries.
  • There are 28,349.5 milligrams in an ounce.
  • This means the value of 10 mg of marijuana is much closer to $0.10 than it is to $7.

Yes, Brewbudz also has to cover the cost of the coffee and the pods, but $7 still feels really high. Keurig is selling its coffee pods at $14.99 for 24, after all. Maybe some of the extra cost comes from Brewbudz’ unique compostable pod design, which involves the mildly disgusting phrase “the skin of roasted beans:”

Brewbudz | Sustainability

The distinctive ring on every pod comes from the skin of roasted beans and the lid is a combination of compostable materials and inks. When composted correctly, the pod can break down in as little as 5 weeks, leaving no toxic residue.

Or maybe it’s Brewbudz’ perfect pod storm:

The key is having the proper mix of coffee, or your favorite beverage, and cannabis in the pod. In the brewing process the right amount of water is introduced at the proper temperature by the brewer which creates a mini storm in the pod. This turbulence extracts the fine flavor from your premium beverage and all of the healing elements from the cannabis.


If you are interested in Brewbudz’ cannabis coffee pods, I suggest pairing them with CHiP’s cookie pods. This was a pod news item I wanted to share earlier, but then the election happened, and nobody really wanted to discuss the fact that there is a machine which turns pods of dough into cookies and then texts your phone when the cookies are ready. (The video is worth it.)

The cookies themselves cost between $1.25 and $2.25 per pod, making them significantly less expensive than weed coffee pods. Plus, you’ll have the fun of getting high, getting that coffee buzz, eating cookies, and deciding that you want to switch which pod goes in which machine and see what happens.

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