A Laundry Frequency Question of the Day

Do you do more laundry in the winter, or in the summer?

Photo credit: Alan Levine, CC BY 2.0.

I did two loads of laundry yesterday. I’m going to do another load this afternoon. It’s August in an apartment with no air-conditioning, and if I’m not sweating directly through my clothes then I’m using towels (and hand towels) that become permanently damp after just one use, which is a problem because I am taking two showers a day.

At $3.50 a load, I am going to be spending upwards of $30 on laundry this month, because I’m also washing my sheets every week. (They could be washed twice a week—you can, like, see the neck sweat—but I’m powering through.)

I’m just one person who is responsible for just one person’s laundry, but I know I am doing way more laundry right now than I ever do in the winter, where you can toss your undershirt in the wash but wear the same pair of jeans for two weeks and use the same towel for at least three days.

What about you? Anyone else suffering the scourge of summer laundry? Is there any way to keep my bath towels from becoming super-disgusting after just one shower?

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