What Should I Buy My Partner’s Parents: An Update

Nova Scotian lupins

The comments on this thread are absolutely invaluable for anyone trying to impress their potential future in-laws (who knows?!??!) or even just whichever humans have offered you a place to lay your head for a night or two. As such, I thought I owed you all an update.

What Should I Buy My Partner’s Parents?

The parents, as expected, were two deeply wonderful individuals who were nothing but kind, welcoming, and forgiving. In return, I gave them bupkis.

Fine, that’s not entirely true. As suggested, I wanted to find some Ontario hot sauce but realized I wouldn’t be able to smuggle it in my carry on; I also loved the idea of an item wrapped in a nice tea towel and was about to get tea when the boyfriend informed me they only drink one kind of Indian tea, thank you very much. I resigned myself to getting a gift in Halifax but once I arrived at their home I realized all of my good intentions were shot: they had everything they could possibly need and their home did not welcome tchotchkes. So, I bought them a basket of first-of-the-season strawberries at the local farmers market and stopped to pick a roadside bouquet of wild lupins on a drive back from Peggy’s Cove. The strawberries were eaten happily, the flowers displayed on the kitchen table, and they’ll be getting a heartfelt, handwritten thank you card as soon as I can find a stamp.

You are invaluable, readers. I salute you.

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