The Big Business of Disney Brides

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Today’s good read: Carlye Wisel goes deep at Disney and gets a look inside the world of the real-life princess brides. Even people who don’t love weddings or Disney (ie. people who are not me) will find this fascinating.

What Does It Mean to Be a Disney Bride?

Couples can have their first dance in the undersea wonderland that is the Living Seas’ massive panoramic aquarium or celebrate their day in the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror courtyard before having the attraction all to themselves. Rolling up in a vintage Rolls Royce (about $900) or Model A Ford ($650) is as easy as hiring garishly costumed actors to attend your wedding as uninvited guests (around $2,400) and watching your actual guests squirm. You can have Darth Vader intimidate your friends and family ($1,150), Minnie and Mickey swing by in outfits of your choosing ($1,650), or host your favorite princesses (3 for $2,150) at your reception.

It’s nice to know that you really can put a price on your dreams, I suppose.

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