Unsolicited Cat Update

Mr. Biscuit, 2013, through the lens of the great Chanan

Greetings and Happy Thursday from Mr. Biscuit to each and every Billfold reader. Today is Mr. Biscuit’s 15th birthday, and in honor of the occasion he asked me to send this special message to his favorite blog network. Long-time readers might recall that Mr. Biscuit experienced health difficulties and other trying tribulations in late 2014. I had strong doubts that he would live to see the age of 14, much less the big 1–5, but here we are, and we’re both so grateful.

“Be it known that Mr. Biscuit is alive, and strong as a mighty ox.” — Mr. Biscuit

Please enjoy this video of B doing what he loves most, from circa 2013.

William Foster enjoys eating pears, quince, and other fruit.

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