Do 1 Thing, or Don’t

Homestar Runner

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to Do 1 Thing.

Today, my 1 Thing is unpacking the suitcase that’s sitting in my hallway, or clearing the pile of stuff that’s started to accumulate on my dresser, or taking out the stacks of garbage and recycling that are filling up one corner of my kitchen, or sweeping the kitchen floor, or doing two loads of laundry, or starting to do my taxes, or… doing NONE OF THAT.

All of these tasks are screaming “PLEASE PICK ME AS YOUR 1 THING!” but I’m also in the middle of a nasty cold that I picked up during my 21-hour travel ordeal (technically I probably picked it up during the cruise, but I went into the Orlando International Airport feeling healthy and arrived at my apartment feeling sick) and so I’m in “no 1 things get done this week unless they’re work things” mode.

What about you?

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