Monday Check-In

Also very happy for Brie Larson.

Happy Monday! Let’s check in on our weekend estimates.

I ended up having dinner at April Bloomfield’s new burger joint, Salvation Burger, on Friday evening, and we decided to try a bunch of things since it was clear to us that this was the kind of place people like to wait in queues for, and we likely weren’t coming back for a long time ($68.61; the burgers were good! Everything else was fine). After dinner, we got a message to join some of our other pals downtown at a wine bar where I spent $20, before sharing a cab uptown with one of my friends ($13).

On Saturday, some friends and I decided to get together to work on a project, and then they humored me with getting dinner at a Mexican place so I could celebrate my one-year anniversary of eating tacos during a downpour in Culebra (40.93). I spent most of Sunday indoors getting some work done. My estimate was $150 and I spent $142.54.

How about you—how did your estimates go?

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