Monday Check-In

Hello, and welcome back! We all hope you had nice long or regular weekends depending on where you are reading us. Let’s check in.

I did a last minute run to the specialty grocery store near me on the night before Thanksgiving to pick up some olives for martinis and some items for dinner ($33.06), and then schlepped the $40 pie I picked up from Four and Twenty Blackbirds to my pals’ place on Thanksgiving. We had champagne, and cheese, and those martinis. My friends humored me while I put on Adele and some Christmas music, and then we had stuffing, brussels sprouts, two kinds of mashed potatoes (because half of us preferred it chunky and skin on, while the other half preferred it silky and smooth), and then some red wine and prime rib because none of us cared much for turkey. We watched the 2002 film Unfaithful, and then had the apple pie with a little bit of bourbon. It was nice! I spent the following day buying groceries ($76.14 — the grocery store is pretty dead the day after Thanksgiving because I’m guessing everyone is still dining on leftovers), mostly because I wanted fresh produce and good coffee after a day of stuffing myself, and then made a single Black Friday purchase online: $40 for jeans from Levi’s because I needed a new pair, and why not grab the deal while it’s available? On Saturday, I got a haircut ($70, tipping more than normal because of the holidays), and then met my very pregnant friend for tea and cookies at her apartment (“she’s cooked and ready!” she exclaimed). I spent Sunday enjoying my last day off doing a little bit of work, going to the gym, and starting Jessica Jones. No estimate. I spent $259.20.

And how were your weekends?

Photo: Jenn Dufey

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