The Post-Modern One-Percenter Version of the Brady Bunch

And you think your apartment is crowded. Here’s a fun real estate horror story/cautionary tale about the mixture of love and finance:

Carol E. Levy, a New York real estate agent who calls herself the ‘Billion Dollar Broker’, has opened up her listed $18 million Manhattan duplex that she shares with her newlywed husband, her three children, and her ex. …

Levy and Goron [new hubby] live in the sprawling apartment with their newborn alongside Lipman [ex-hubby], and his and Levy’s two daughters.

Lipman lives rent-free on the 17th floor in the guest bedroom of the six-bedroom palatial apartment, surrounded by a media room and the kitchen.

Levy lives upstairs in the 18th-floor master suite with Goron, and the children are in nearby bedrooms.

The story is that the ex wants to move out but doesn’t have the financial wherewithal to do so. So, until Levy can sell the mansion-like apartment where the entire brood currently lives, she and Lipman are stuck sharing a kitchen and squabbling over inanities.

Levy says she is most frustrated with the way her ex separates his food from hers in the shared kitchen, and his cleanliness. ‘He marks his food, each of it, with an X,’ Levy said. ‘He doesn’t clean up after himself, and I do pay for the housekeeper. So there is a little resentment there.

Stars: They’re just like us!

I don’t believe Lipman can’t move out. If it were important to him, the man would find a way. I think he’s hanging around on purpose like the ghost of Jacob Marley, to punish his ex-wife and infringe as much as possible on her current happiness. Why not? It’s a bitterly cold winter and nothing warms the heart like spite.

Meanwhile, a commenter on the ABC News version of the story has come up with a good way for Levy to get even.

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