“Come On, Move In! It’ll Take You 5 Minutes!”

Sometimes it’s like “Portlandia” can read our minds. Virtually the only relevant real estate-related topic we haven’t covered this month is tiny houses and the IFC show thoughtfully provides a perfect sketch: “Microhouse!”

Choice quote: “This is a bathroom and a home office.” Very efficient.

We assume Meaghan off in Portland is not squished into a microhouse in a microvillage alongside her little family, but Henry at least would probably love it. God knows a baby’s favorite thing to have you in sight at all times and to be touching five different parts of you if possible.

On the other hand, perhaps this is what every day is like for Nicole? Only with more productivity, of course. If Nicole put “write a novel” on her GTD list, she’d be done in three months, tops.

Full video below.

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