Our Current Reality and Our Future Goals

Carl Richards, a certified financial planner and the creator for the “Sketch Guy” column for the New York Times, is currently doing the “12 days of behavior gap” in which he gives out one of his sketches each day in his email newsletter and tells a story about it. This sketch is from Day 6 and he writes:

Many of us are really clear about our current reality. We may even have a pretty good idea of where we’d like to end up 20, even 30 years from now. But the path between today and the future rarely stays straight…The future can look really clear from our current reality, but we need to remember life happens. Things will distract us, maybe even pull us way off course. But as long we stay aware of our current reality and where we want to be, we can get back on track and headed towards our goals.

This could apply to things like saving or paying off debt or landing in the right job — not everything goes according to plan. But it’s never too late to correct our course and get back on track.

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