When Is It OK to Quit a Job Without Having Another One

A. You have a trust fund so any work is recreational and optional.

B. You have a wealthy committed life partner who is unfailingly generous with their support. “Of course my money is your money!” partner exclaims. “I hate to see you unhappy. Quit your job this instant; I will take care of such burdensome necessities as the rent, the electric bill, the dog walker, childcare, the car, and your overpriced, over-perfumed hair products.”

C. Your parents are willing to support you until you hit 45 or they die, whichever comes first.

D. Anytime you need to, as long as you call yourself a “consultant” while you’re between gigs.

E. Anytime you need to. You’re a millennial. No one expects you to stay in a job longer than 7 months at a time! Do what you want.

F. All of the above.

G. None of the above.

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