Two Weddings, One Summer

by Sarah Robert

I’m getting to that age — the age in your twenties when a portion of your summer is dedicated to witnessing people you know get hitched. This summer was the first time I attended more than one wedding. Some numbers:

Wedding #1

Attended as +1.

Dress: I spent six hours over two days trying on dresses because the ones I had weren’t “wedding guest appropriate.” By the end of the experience I was pretty miserable, so my mom took pity on me and paid for the dress when I found one. $0.

Accessories: Purple necklace I’ll never wear again except with the dress. $20.35.

Transit: Public transit to the venue was going to cost $18, but it turned out my boyfriend had the time of the ceremony wrong by an hour and a half. I re-read the invitation the morning of and we had to hurry and borrow our roommate’s car to make it in time. He made my boyfriend sign something saying he was liable for damage to the car, so, worst case scenario, if we totalled his car, this could have cost about $18,000. Boyfriend gave him $20 for gas, but since I’m not the one with the reading comprehension problem, I paid $0.

Gift: Chipped in for honeyfund. $40.

Food: Because of the mix-up, we didn’t have time to eat at home. $9.58 for a burrito and drink after the lovely ceremony.

TOTAL 1: $69.93

Wedding #2

Invited by bride, previously my housemate.

Transit: Train ride to nearby town. $0, paid for with loyalty points. (It would have been about $80.) Bus ride back home, $41.25. Car rental to get to wedding and reception venues plus a six-pack of beer of gratitude for the designated driver, $30 (my part of three way split).

Gifts: Bridal shower gift, $25.88. Was not able to attend shower (see: transit costs + lack of employment at the time). Wedding gifts, $49.59. Gift wrap, $7.89. Card … let’s say $2.

Food: I was forewarned that they were not going to be able to accommodate my dumb self-imposed dietary restrictions (vegetarianism) at the reception dinner, which is totally fair and not something I expect people to do. $24.91 for food and drink at a super nice waterfront patio.

Drinks: Cash bar. $9.50 for two Alexander Keiths (+ tip).

TOTAL 2: $191.02

GRAND TOTAL: $260.95 / priceless??? Congrats, friends!

Sarah Robert makes movies, writes, and lives in Canada. She has a nut allergy and a Twitter account.