My Last $100: Gas Isn’t Cheap

by Katrina Kempney

How did you spend your last $100, Katrina?

$46, gas. Having a boyfriend, even one who lives ten minutes away, really jacks up how much gas my car needs. Who knew being in a relationship meant going on dates, to places that are not my house, to which I have to drive?

$15, tip for massage. A manager bought my team Thai massages. I’ve never been so happy to have someone dig a pointy elbow into my shoulder before.

$9, Cookout. Somehow ended up with accidental corndogs instead of the two other sides I ordered, so my lunch was carnivore heaven: 2 hotdogs, a burger, and 2 corndogs. I ended up saving one corndog and a hotdog for next day’s lunch (they reheated okay).

$22, blue leather chair. I’m nesting! Actually my roommates are finally moving out, so I have room for things like my own furniture. Picked this baby up at the local Junior League thrift store with a few scuffs and missing studs, but it matches my couch (a challenge when you have a couch that’s a strange cerulean shade of blue with tan and white stripes.)

$21, grey maxi skirt at Target. Yes, I know I went over by what, $9? $12? Something like that? I majored in English. Thank you, credit card.

Katrina Kempney lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. She writes phone help documents by day and fanfiction by night.

Photo: Robert S. Donovan