How Muppets Do Money: Grover

Grover has a lot of goals.

Grover does Do 1 Thing every week, but then he never actually does the one thing. Maybe he gets started, but then someone messages him on Facebook about a problem and he starts offering advice, and maybe he even stops what he’s doing and goes over to visit his friend and offers hugs, and then the two of them order a pizza and Grover says “I will pay for it!” and pulls out his credit card.

Grover knows he could be super, but things keep getting in his way. He goes to work every day, but sometimes he’s late (okay, often he’s late, it’s not his fault that his fur just wouldn’t dry or that he accidentally spilled milk all over the floor right before he needed to go catch his bus), and he’s the kind of employee who tries really hard but doesn’t try in a way that’s actually useful to his career. He’s the one who is standing by the copy machine two minutes before the meeting, trying to figure out why it isn’t collating and stapling. HR had to talk to him about wearing that cape in the office, because he didn’t know why it was inappropriate.

Grover gets a second job as a waiter and gets fired. He gets another second job as a waiter and spills soup everywhere. It should go without saying that Grover is living paycheck to credit card to paycheck.

Grover has a lot of friends. He’s always there to take care of your cat while you go on vacation (although you’re likely to come home to cat food spilled all over the floor) or to be your shoulder to cry on. If you never get invited to Grover’s home in return, it’s because he doesn’t want you to see how bare the walls are, how there’s no food in the cupboard (Grover orders takeout nearly every night), and how lonely he is.

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